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Here you can download our logo and learn more about our restrictions regarding usage of the logo in media, print and digital.

The Webbfabriken marks include, but not limited to, the webbfabriken name, logo, the term “security by default” and any word, phrase, image or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Webbfabriken’s products.

Plain logo for usage on white or light backgroundLogo shortcode for usage in smaller spaces like Favicons/favorites

When you are using our logo or brands with other graphic elements, make sure you make some room for our logo. The minimum size around our logo should be at least 14 pixels and empty space around the logo should be at least 150% the size of the logo itself.

Safetyp space for Webbfabriken Logo

Don’t do any of these:

  • extra text, images or icons are not allowed in direct contact with the logo and you must have a minimum of 25% of logo’s widh and/or height
  • do any alteration to the logo, by coloring, skewing, flipping, rotating or overlay with other images
  • add any special effects to the logo
  • use older versions of the logo or earlier special versions

This is not allowed to do with our logos