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Hi and thank you for staying with us so far. Here you can get in contact with us. Please note that using the contact form is our prefered way and much easier for us to handle.

Webbfabriken was founded in 2002 with the ambition of our specialist and expertise in web development and security, to offer this expertise to small and large companies around the world. For 14 years we have been doing our business and is now active in 6 countries.

Our customers are those that require reliability, availability, personality, knowledge, security, trust and broad expertise.

As a web security company we can help you remove virus and malware from your WordPress homepage as well as help securing the site and give you recommendation on how to stay secure. Not all web sites can be secured as it also depends on the security of your web hosting company.

We offer a secure web hosting for your WordPress homepage. Read more about our services here or send us a question in the form to the right.

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