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About Webbfabriken

Webbfabriken was founded in 2002 with the ambition of our specialist and expertise in web development and security, to offer this expertise to small and large companies around the world. For 14 years we have been doing our business and is now active in 6 countries.

Our customers are those that require reliability, availability, personality, knowledge, security, trust and broad expertise.


Owner structure and economics

Webbfabriken is a wholly owned private company who own all our infrastructure, having no leases equipment and no bank debt. With expertise in security, web & IT and advanced technology, we have produced many stylish, custom websites, helping companies with their IT infrastructure and servers, built and strengthened their trademarks, assisted with counseling and been available in complex IT issues. For this, we have also strengthened the company’s brands, improved our clients’ IT and improving their safety.

With our specialist knowledge in web and security you get as a customer a very broad competence to turn to when you need help. With our service, Total Support, we take care of all your domain name, website, e-mail licenses, software subscriptions and eFax and pay the holder of these services of another party. You will receive one invoice from us and a company contact.

By actively working in web and security business areas we can deliver services based on the right technology and expertise can you ensure you get the best the market has to offer also adapted to your activities and needs. Webbfabriken has always in focus that you, our customer, get all the help you need. You can directly talk to a specialist who solves the problem quickly and smoothly. Thus, you avoid telephone queues, annoying automated telephone switches and various contacts as well as self service portals.

As what one of our customer once said to us:

In Webbfabriken We Trust

Thank you for those kind words!

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All prices found on this website are excl. VAT in Sweden 25% and per HOUR.
For companies outside EU (Norway/Schweiz/Åland) or for companies with charity tax exclusive we charge excl. VAT. All other are charged the full amount plus VAT 25%.

Since August 2016 we closed down our IT support services. This means if you need standard computer, software or printer support we cannot help you anymore.